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Established in 1998  ,Valrisco is a global company that connect buyers with the products they need to ensure continued smooth production of their products.
Vlarisco Trading LTD specializes in locating minerals mines and resources for raw materials usage by electronic components manufacturers throughout South America, Africa and Australia.
We also share partnership with one of the largest manufacture in the paper industry and 
supply the quality and specifications to our trusted clients all over .

The minerals that we supply are: Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten and Copper

Our Mission..

Every aspect of our business operations is a product of our vast knowledge in today’s ever-changing industry. Due to the experience we gained in our years of activity, we can evaluate different kinds of stocks. Our prices remain competitive while insuring the best quality.

The combination of the two industries gives us the power to trade throughout the world. Our service is characteristic by professionalism.

Tin – (Sn) – Used in Cans and containers, solder of components in the electronic manufacturing business, electrical, chemicals


Tantalum – (Ta) - Used in electronic components- Capacitors, transportation, chemical equipment and metal working machinery

Tungsten (W) – Used in steel production and in metalworking; cutting applications; construction and electrical machinery and equipment; in transportation equipment; as filament in light bulbs; as a carbide in drilling equipment; in heat and radiation shielding.

Copper – (Cu) – Used in printed circuits boards, electric cables and wires and building construction, switches, plumbing, heating and electrical and electronic components, industrial machinery and general products.