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Integrated Circuits & Components

Vlarisco Trading Components LTD supplies a wide variety of electronic components, from diverse companies. 
Among the various components we locate and supply are obsolete, hard-to-find components that are no longer manufactured yet are still needed by hi-tech companies to continue production of different applications.

We also deal in passive components such as capacitors, TA capacitors, resistors, and diodes.


Due to the experience and vast knowledge we gained in our years of activity, we can evaluate different kinds of component stock. We can acquire any quantity of stock in your possession at fair prices.

We require an item list in order to complete evaluation of the component stock in your possession. This list can be sent to us or we can make this list after going over and checking the components in a visit to your factory.

Please send us a list of items in your stock for evaluation to enable us to give you a fair price for your electrical components.

We hope for a fruitful long-term cooperation between your company and Vlarisco Trading Limited.